Borrowing money against your assets

FundingSecure is a peer to peer pawnbroking platform that offers loans to people needing money for a variety of different reasons. Because we offer loans secured against assets, we don't require our borrowers to pass any credit checks. Depending on the nature of the assets involved, people looking for loans could receive the funds within 24 hours.

We believe in bringing competition and innovation to a lending sector that has remained unchanged for generations.

No credit checks

Because our loans are secured against assets, your credit doesn't come into play

No early repayment penalties or monthly charges

All the interest is payable at the end of the loan and we don't charge penalities for early repayment - just ask us for your current daily balance at any time

Representative APR: 35.4%

Because we offer secured loans, our rates are lower than most other lenders

We offer fast loans secured against a wide range of assets

If you own something that is worth more than you want to borrow, there is a good chance that we can lend you money. We offer loans against lots of different things so get in touch with us today. To get a free loan quote call 0800 690 6568 or apply online now

Please note: We do not supply personal loans - only secured loans.

What we lend against

We offer loans against a wide range of assets. Providing there is a value above the loan amount, we will consider it. Some of the more common items we offer loans against, are listed below:

Jewellery, gold and precious stones

Property loans

Luxury watches

Classic and luxury cars

Fine art



Other items

Connecting investors and borrowers

FundingSecure is a Peer to Peer pawnbroking platform which allows members, known as "Investors" to fund loans requested by Borrowers using an asset as security. In a global recession where borrowers and businesses cannot secure loans due to banks' lending restrictions, and where investors are hit with low returns, FundingSecure has been setup to connect these two groups of people so they can mutually benefit.

We believe in bringing competition and innovation to a lending sector that has remained unchanged for generations.

Why people invest with us

High interest rates - up to 16% pa

We offer interest rates well above those offered by high street banks

Loans are secured against assets

The assets are used as security if the borrower is unable to repay the loan

Flexible investments

You can pick and choose which loans and rates you want to invest in

Low minimum investment

Invest as little as £25 in each loan

Interest from the point of investment

As soon as you invest in one of our loans, you will start earning interest immediately

Easy to use dashboard

You will have access to a simple system to manage all of your investments

Please note: Your capital is at risk if a loan defaults.

The FundingSecure IFISA is now available

The IFISA is open to all of our registered members who are UK tax payers and fit the criteria. Once signed in, you will have the option to set up your IFISA.

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Our current investment opportunities

Commercial Road, Ladybank, Scotland - Tranche 2

Loan: £365,000.00
Rate: 12.00%
LTV: 61.50%

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The Atlantic & The Iron Horse Public Houses, Liverpool - Renewal

Loan: £114,000.00
Rate: 12.00%
LTV: 56.70%

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Land at Weston Rhyn, Shropshire - Tranche 2 - Renewal

Loan: £150,000.00
Rate: 12.00%
LTV: 46.40%

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Ashbourne Avenue, London - Renewal

Loan: £180,000.00
Rate: 13.00%
LTV: 64.90%

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Chapel Farm Development - Tranche 2

Loan: £54,000.00
Rate: 12.00%
LTV: 57.80%

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Contact us

0800 690 6568 / 0118 324 3190 9am - 5pm


Address: FundingSecure, Unit 8 Stokenchurch Business Park, Ibstone Road, Stokenchurch, Buckinghamshire, HP14 3FE

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Company Number: 8120200 / Authorised and Regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority
(Reference number 698305)

Please note: No investment is without risk. FundingSecure manages the risk by ensuring all assets are professionally valued and restricting the amount lent to a typical maximum of 70% of the value (LTV). Despite these measures, your capital remains at risk.

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