Welcome our new 30-day access account.

This account offers investment opportunities that provide greater liquidity than direct investments allowing you access to your cash subject to 30 days notice and under normal market conditions.

The FS30 account can be funded from an ISA account, as well as from the standard account.

What is the 30-Day Access Account?

The 30-day Access Account (FS30) gives you the flexibility to invest for shorter periods whilst seeking to receive a targeted monthly return of 5.3% p.a. gross*.

Your money is automatically invested across multiple loans, secured against property and other assets. This account is for investors who want faster access to their funds in normal market conditions (see below).

*Interest is paid gross. Access times relate to the 30 day notice period and then to withdrawals in normal market conditions but cannot be guaranteed. This is an investment in peer-to-peer loans, not a bank account. Investment in peer-to-peer loans is not protected by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).

Your capital is at risk.

Please also see our general Risk Warnings and Normal Market Conditions (Below).

How the FS30 account works

30 day access to your invested funds.

The FS30 account has been designed to allow investors to aim to earn a targeted monthly income on funds that might otherwise remain idle in their accounts. Lenders are able to invest from £1 to £10,000 into the FS30 account, with withdrawals subject to 30 days' notice (30 consecutive days from the date of notification in normal market conditions). Following the 30 day notice period the funds should be transferred to your account next day, from where they may be reinvested or withdrawn from the platform as normal. Lenders can invest from their main account as well as from their ISA account separately.

Targeted Interest Rate

The FS30 account seeks to return a target interest of 5.3% per annum. This is accrued daily and usually paid on the first day of the following month back to your main account. (If investing through an ISA account the funds would be returned there) No tax or fees are witheld from this interest payment but, as with investment in our primary and secondary markets, investors are responsible for their own tax affairs.

Account Limits

The minimum investment in FS30 is £1 with a maximum of £10,000 per investor with an overall FS30 investment limit of £250,000. If an investor also holds an ISA account £10,000 can be invested from there also.

Loan Selection

All funds in the FS30 account will be automatically allocated across all eligible peer-to-peer loans. Should you choose to invest in the FS30 account your investment will only be used to fund loans that have been passed by our Credit Committee and will be diversified across a range of loans secured against property and other assets. As loans complete they will be removed from the FS30 account and replaced with alternative loans.

Eligible loans are subject to Credit Committee approval and the following restrictions at time of investment: loans due to be repaid within 30 days of term, overdue or in default.

Additional Cash Support

FundingSecure will monitor and manage the level of cash in the FS30 account to aim to facilitate timely withdrawal requests. Under normal market conditions this will ensure withdrawals can be made, once the 30 day notice period has expired.

Tracking your Investment

At any time you can view the complete list of loans that your funds in FS30 have been invested in, showing your individual allocation. As loans complete and new loans are added the amounts invested in each loan will vary. This list can be downloaded at any time.

Normal Market Conditions

Under Normal Market Conditions investors are able to make withdrawals from the FS30 account as other lenders are willing and able to replace the funds in the FS30 account. FundingSecure has provisioned cash for the FS30 account to aid liquidity in normal market conditions. Abnormal market conditions arise if there was a large, sudden and extended demand to withdraw cash from the FS30 account. This could arise, for example, be due to a severe recession, a loss of faith in peer-to-peer lending or an underlying collapse in the property market or similar event.

If abnormal conditions were to continue for an extended period, investors in the FS30 account may have to wait for a withdrawal until new funds have been recieved from other lenders or until loans held within the FS30 were completed. The completion of loans should, continue to provide funds which, if paid back in full and on their due date, would be available for withdrawal by investors, regardless of market conditions. In any event investors funds would remain invested in multiple individual loans, all secured against property or other pledged assets.

All investors should therefore be aware that the 30 day access to funds cannot be guaranteed under abnormal conditions, should they occur.

How do I get access to FS30?

From "My Dashboard" there is a link giving access to the FS30 account.

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Please note: No investment is without risk. FundingSecure manages the risk by ensuring all assets are professionally valued and restricting the amount lent to a typical maximum of 70% of the value (LTV). Despite these measures, your capital remains at risk.