Borrow money against fine art

We have taken all types of art from a 16th century old master through to 20th century artists.

Atkinson Grimshaw
Aboriginal art

Borrowing money against your art work

We have taken all types of art: from a 16th century old master, to Atkinson Grimshaw, through to 20th century artists such as McFadden, Howson, Lubin, and an Aboriginal Art collection. We are able to value any work of art.

Valuing your art collection

We use a team of specialists to value our art work. Valuations are based on the artist, canvas type, condition and provenance. Send us a photo of your art and we can provide a quick preliminary estimate

Sending your art to us

Art work may require specialist transport. Depending on where the items are being stored, we can arrange a private collection of your items from your home or simply take over an existing account at a storage facility. Alternatively, you can arrange to have the items brought to our storage facility.

Storage and insurance

We work with three specialist storage facilities: London, the north of England, and Scotland. All artwork is stored carefully, under 24/7 CCTV. All assets are fully insured up to their appraisal value whilst held with us.

How the loan process works

Step one >>

Send an enquiry either online or by phone

We will call you back with a preliminary estimate of the amount we can lend, how the process works and any costs involved.

Step two >>

Valuation and contracts

The security offered will then be professionally valued and all legal proceedings and contracts will be put into place.

Step three >>

Funding and payment

The loan will be offered on our platform to our team of investors and, once the target has been met, you will receive the funds.

Apply now

If you own something that is worth more than you want to borrow, there is a good chance that we can lend you money. We offer loans against lots of different things so get in touch with us today. To get a free loan quote call 0800 690 6568 or apply online now

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Please note: No investment is without risk. FundingSecure manages the risk by ensuring all assets are professionally valued and restricting the amount lent to a typical maximum of 70% of the value (LTV). Despite these measures, your capital remains at risk.